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Bell Labs Charrette Finds Opportunities for the Site

April 15, 2008

Bell Labs charrette facilitator Clinton Andrews has summarized “what the charrette participants learned” this past weekend

  • Proposals demonstrate flexibility of building
  • A range of cultural uses are economically feasible
  • Program suggested schemes are combinable
  • Opportunities for better integration into community
  • Poetry possible from unexpected quarters
  • Expense of energy was Bell function-dependant and this expense is not a necessity for future use
  • Retain existing structural cultural landscape because of its strength: it can be adapted
  • Price of land is low, various financial incentives for reuse
  • Scale becomes an advantage
  • Improvement by subtraction
  • Model for sustainability which on this scale has important value, e.g. green roof space
  • Puncturing is enlivening
  • Vertical and lateral punctuation enlivens building
  • Smarten curtain wall, retrofit it, entire envelope can be improved
  • Atrium is more than open space, with possible functionality
  • Landscape is integral part of work experience
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