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Regreen program – renovation standards for existing NJ homes to be developed

April 19, 2008

In March, using LEED as a framework, the United States Green Building Council and the American Society of Interior Designers released remodeling guidelines known as Regreen, which do not include LEED certification. The Rutgers Center for Green Building is using Regreen to develop green renovation standards specifically designed for New Jersey that eventually could be adopted by the state.

“What we want to do is anticipate what are the typical renovations a homeowner might make and insert green,” said Jennifer Senick, executive director of the Rutgers center, adding that specifications would address the different weather conditions around the state. She said the center constantly gets calls from people who don’t know where to turn for professional help or how to decide on products.

“Advertising and marketing is what’s confusing to the consumer,” said Robert Wisniewski, senior technical consultant at MaGrann Associates, a green-building consulting firm in Moorestown, N.J. “In reality, green is not really about what you can see; it’s about good building science. If you want something to show off, you can show off your energy bills.

“It’s not just the gadgets. It’s not just throwing in the geothermal system. It’s more looking at the house as a whole thing.”

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