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June 5 BIN charrette explores landmark’s green potential

June 16, 2008

Preservation practitioners and aficionados joined LEED-accredited professionals at the Musical String Factory site in New Brunswick for PNJ’s BIN Charette – “ Greener Heritage: Enhancing Sustainability in Adaptive Use”, on June 5, 2008.  

The goal was to identify opportunities for maximizing the “green” potential of this unrehabilitated industrial landmark. Participants toured the facility and through the day explored various issues such as rehabilitation v. replacement of existing historic materials; energy sources for lighting, HVAC, insulation for historic buildings; water conservation; and indoor air quality.

Charrette leaders Carl Elefante, AIA LEED AP, Peter Levasseur, AIA LEED AP, John D.S, Hatch, AIA and Ira Guterman discussed sustainability of historic buildings and guided the participants in examining the relationship of preservation to ‘green’ building principles and practice.  

Participants are invited to post your comments and thoughts here. More detailed findings and recommendations to follow.

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