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Building Industry Network sees digs

January 23, 2009

p10104711PNJ’s Building Industry Network (BIN) hosted a terrific workshop yesterday, all about archaeology and its relationship and contribution to historic preservation.  Richard Hunter & Ian Burrow from Hunter Research presented several projects that have been completed or are in process, where archaeology informed the ultimate preservation plans for a variety of projects.

Their current big project is the study of Petty’s Run, alongside the NJ Statehouse on West State Street in Trenton, where they are uncovering the remains of an 18th century steel mill (one of only five on the colonies, that made the British really mad because they wanted American raw materials to go to Britain for processing and then [expensive] resale in North America); 19th century cotton and paper mill, late 19th century rowhouses and early 20th century park.  All on the banks of what is now an undergrounded, culverted and largely dry former creek.  We got to visit the Pettys Run site; amazing!p10104901

Visit the fascinating website/blog that’s following this great project.

And watch out for PNJ’s next BIN workshop, March 18th at the Rambusch Studios in Jerey City, focusing on restoration and replication of historic lighting fixtures.

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