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Ewing Church gets some time, a new review

August 30, 2009

Ewing_4_webWord today from the Partners to Restore Ewing Sanctuary (PRES) that the Session of the First Presbyterian Church of Ewing has called on the Presbytery to form an Administrative Commission to “deal specifically with the final disposition of the 1867 stone building and the disruption that has been caused by the situation.”  If approved by the Presbytery at a Sept. 8 meeting, the action will call on “a group of elders and clergy from outside Ewing Church to review the entire decision making process, the engineering reports, the offer from PNJ [to take and restore the church], the many letters written directly or in the newspapers, and listen to the concerns of the congregation members and maybe even community members.”  Uncertain of the precise “charge” or duties of the AC until it is formed, approved and  defined when Presbytery meets on Sept. 8th, the folks from PRES are nevertheless hopeful that “it will look at all the information and make a reasonable decision one way or another as to how to move ahead – to restore or demolish. This process could take many weeks to months.”

Meanwhile, the many financial donations made to the church preservation effort during the past several months are safely “sequestered” in a separate and protected account, and PRES leaders Helen and Bob Kull assure donors that, when the AC is formed and charged, a decision will be made about return of the the donated funds.

Preservation New Jersey is thrilled to hear this news.  It is surely thanks to the many letters, blog posts, op-ed newspaper articles, petition signatures and e-mails from all of you that has caught the attention and concern of the New Brunswick Presbytery.  PNJ remains steadfast in our commitment to helping to preserve this remarkable landmark, including, if needed, our ownership and stewardship  of the building.  Thanks to you, our members and supporters, without whose partnership in PNJ we would be unable to preserve and protect New Jersey’s landmarks and historic places!

For more information on details of the Session’s decision, contact PRES at

More news here and here

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  1. Donald James Pidcock permalink
    September 5, 2009 7:58 pm

    Dear Preservation NJ: You are to be commened, along with Bob Kull and his associates at Ewing Church, for the outstanding work to save this historic Church. We can only hope, and pray, that the review will lead to a dedication to keep the church building intact. My other pet cause is to save as much of the Trenton CentraL High School as possible! The latest idea seems to be a new building (on the present athletic fields) behind the existing school, keeping “some” of the original building for alternate uses. I believe that is a very limited and uninspired choice. I suggest keeping the entire facade (three sections across/two blocks long!) and building a new school directly behind and attached to the facade! Where to house the students? (need a continuous school operation) I say move one-third of the students (lower grades) out to a separate building in the area, tear down “one third” of the present structure behind the facade and construct the new facility in “three stages” on its present footprint. Sure, it would be challenging! But think of the results! a similar reconstruction project was done to The White House in 1949-52 where all was removed but the exterior walls. Save some of the tiles, woodwork, and hardware if possible for use in the “new” building.
    This could be a model for future historic preservation projects; saving the core elements of these treasured buildings. It’s all about logistics and money; ask the present US administration for some of their “stimulus funds”! Surely this would be worth consideration. TCHS was considered to be one of the finest school buildings in the nation at the time of its construction in 1932. It is truly worth saving; not being demolished. Thank you for reading. Sincerely, Don Pidcock

  2. September 9, 2009 12:05 pm

    Presbytery votes to proceed with Administrative Commission: see the Trenton Times


  1. PNJ, community partners resume fundraising to save Ewing Church « PreserveNJ

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