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SDA to present deficient plan for Trenton Central High School

September 18, 2009

Since last month’s announcement by NJ Schools Development Authority (SDA) chief Kris Kolluri of the state’s intention to tear down Trenton Central High School in order to completely replace it, a coalition of Trenton locals calling themselves “A Better High School Plan for Trenton” has been hard at work on an alternative analysis. This  effort has responded to the SDA’s

Trenton Central High School, a classic monumental historic urban school building.

Trenton Central High School, a classic monumental historic urban school building.

assertion that renovation of the existing TCHS facilities is both more costly and time-consuming than replacement, with an alternative plan that belies the SDA’s claims. TCHS CAN be modernized, and for less money and on a faster time schedule than under the SDA plan. The alternative plan will be presented by “A Better Plan For Trenton High School” at a public meeting to be held Wed., September 23 at the Trenton Board of Education Building at 6:30pm. We encourage anyone  interested in New Jersey’s historic public school buildings (listed on PNJ’s 1999 list of the 10 Most Endangered Sites in New Jersey) and their future potential to attend this meeting, ask questions and voice concerns. We have all seen what states with a positive outlook on historic school rehabilitation have accomplished.  Right across the river in Pennsylvania, they even have a state-sponsored publication touting the merits of restoring and reusing older public school buildings! In addition, New Jersey has even shown that older school buildings can be modernized into state-of-the-art facilities: a prime area example is Princeton High School, which was a New

The modernized circa-1929 Princeton High School.

The modernized circa-1929 Princeton High School.

Jersey Benchmark School in 2006, and not to mention, is housed in its original circa-1929 building. Why aren’t some urban communities being given the option to provide schools that are top-of-the-line, both programatically AND architecturally? COME to the September 23 meeting and judge for yourself.

Download the informational flyer for distribution- get the word out about this important meeting!

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