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What’s going on with Trenton Central High School?

December 18, 2009

No doubt many community members are asking themselves this question as this week of unpredictability from the key players in the school’s future draws to a close. On Monday, December 14, the Trenton Board of Education (BOE) sent out a short e-mail announcing that  a “final” community meeting regarding TCHS would be held Wednesday, December 16, at 4:00pm. The meeting’s sated purpose was to “establish a dialogue… which explores alternative approaches to including and addressing community concerns in the design of the Trenton Central High School project.”

By 7:00am Tuesday, apparently in reaction to complaints from the community that the meeting was not announced far enough  in advance for many people to attend, and in addition, was scheduled during the work day, the meeting was moved to a 6:00pm time slot.

However, at 9:40am Wednesday, another e-mail from the BOE, announcing that the meeting was canceled, was distributed.  No further explanation as to the decision to cancel was provided. The e-mail indicates that the meeting will be rescheduled for “sometime in January.”

Several members of “A Better High School Plan for Trenton” went to the meeting location on Wednesday in the event that anyone that had learned of the meeting from the media, and therefore had not received word of the cancellation, arrived. Several community members did show up: there was apparently no note on the door or any reference to the meeting’s cancellation.

It is apparent that the Trenton BOE has a very unique stance on how to foster community involvement and collaboration.

PNJ will continue to keep you updated on further developments.

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