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PNJ’s “10 Most 2010”: A Call to Arms

May 19, 2010

PNJ President Hon. Mary-Anna Holden and National Trust for Historic Preservation Northeast Field Office Director Walter Gallas at the Old Barracks in Trenton, for the annual announcement of PNJ's 10 Most Endangered Historic Sites list

Close to 40 people heard the first shot during yesterday’s press conference to announce the 10 Most Endangered Historic Sites in New Jersey for 2010. Of course, it was actually musket fire from a Revolutionary-era reenactor wowing kids during a visit to Trenton’s Old Barracks, but as noted by PNJ Board President the Hon. Mary-Anna Holden, it was the perfect symbol for the “call to arms” that both this announcement and this year’s endangered historic sites should be.

As always, the 10 Most Endangered Historic Sites serve as 10 representatives of the innumerable threats endangering historic places throughout New Jersey. From policies and legislation to funding obstacles to indifferent owners, this year’s list aims to reinforce the multi-faceted battle that is “historic preservation.” Further, it aims to attract the attention needed to help change the “endangered” status of these sites. This same attention should further inspire the realization that historic places affect each of us daily: they are the buildings we work in, the places we shop, the neighborhoods we drive through. Their loss represents an assault on our collective culture, and the loss of yet another opportunity for job creation and sustainable economic stimulus.

Visit Preservation New Jersey’s “10 Most” page to learn about this year’s listed sites and download the press release!

Join the conversation: what do you think about this year’s “10 Most” list?

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  1. May 20, 2010 2:37 pm

    This is an outstanding collection of sites and I am especially interested in the windows and diners statewide. Great job this year, and as always.

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