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Sign the Piscataway HS petition to Save the Old Barracks from closure

June 13, 2010

On their own, two high schoolers in an AP History class at Piscataway High decided they wanted to make saving the Old Barracks Museum in Trenton their  class project. They created an online petition and set a goal of getting 1,000 folks to sign on and make comments if they chose.

In about two weeks they have gotten just 1,000 signatures and  nearly as many comments. They are from all across the country.  You have to be impressed at how much these kids are learning about history, the democratic process, taking effective action, and gaining insight into what history means to so many people from all across the country. How empowering is that?

It’s taking on its own historical cache locally as the “Piscataway Petition.”  Take a look, read the comments so many people from all across the country have made, and if you are moved to do so, sign it and maybe add a comment.

The DEADLINE is June 14!

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  1. June 14, 2010 3:53 pm

    Nearly 1,100 petition signatures now. This petition comment from Kim Daly of Hamilton, Mercer County, says it eloquently:

    Dear Gov. Christie, First, let me say, I voted for you. Please don’t be another “politician”. I have signed the petition to save the funding to the Old Barrack in Trenton not because it is a National Historic Landmark, not because I have a love of U.S. history and not because my friends asked me to but because of how it contributed to who my two boys are today.

    My now 27 year old son attended the Old Barrack’s summer camp for kids when he was 9, 10, 11 and I think even 12. His interest in the birth and growing pains of our great country started young and this program fed his curiosity. As his knowledge accrued his interests progressed to the Civil War and he became a re-enactor & Camp Olden Civil War Round Table member. He used his interests in a way he could share with others, visiting 2-6 schools a year, attending re-enactments, speaking and more. As an 18 year old he continued his dedication to this country and became a Marine. He served three (3) Tours of Duty in Iraq – 2 on land and one at sea (sorry had to use that). After 6 1/2 years his enlistment was up and as the only job the Marines trained him for ( and as he was on active tours he had no “school time as promised”) was as a helicopter mechanic, he had to take a job in CA. Now there is new U.S. history to learn and he actively shares his interests with his two sons.

    My 24 year old started Old Barracks camp when he was 8 years old as he could not wait to do what his older brother was doing, and they allowed Kurt to attend. Kurt, too, became a Civil War re-enactor, school presenter etc. He is currently enrolled at The College of NJ for teaching – his major…History at the High School level. My 8 year grandson from CA visits each summer and has been to the Old Barrack, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Washington’s Crossing etc. His 2nd grade teacher this year did not believe him and his parents had to attest to the fact he had been to these sites and the information he was sharing was correct. The teacher had never had the honor of experiencing these important sites of our American history. Her loss but NOT OURS. Please find a way for NJ to continue to sponsor and fund the Old Barracks in Trenton. It’s history, it’s story is our history, our story. Passing through it’s doors has changed the lives of many Americans from 1758, through that cold winter’s night in 1776, to today and with your support into the future.

    Do not close the doors on our past- it is who we are – a melting pot of peoples with the common goal of freedom. It has taken us a long time and many growing pains to get here. Let young and old remember, learn, experience and give thanks for the contributions one historic sites stands for.

    Kim B.Daly, Hamilton Township, Mercer County , NJ

  2. Stephanie Cherry Farmer permalink*
    June 29, 2010 12:17 pm

    June 22: The NJ Legislature has agreed to restore two of the History line items in a separate budget from the NJ Historical Commission. Line item budgets for Battleship New Jersey, the Old Barracks Museum and the Newark Museum have been restored, according to the New Jersey History Advocates. The NJ Historical Commission now has $2.7 million to accommodate existing grantees, but two additional organizations, Save Ellis Island and Historic Morven (the former Governor’s mansion in Princeton) will now have to compete in that grant pool (these two organizations previously had separate line items in the state budget).

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